Time For Change

Our free Time for Change workshops address the challenges faced by diverse and disadvantaged applicants when it comes to apprenticeships.

Upcoming Sessions

Time for Change:
Mental health mindsets

October 17th 2022

Join us in our next Time for Change session which will look at some of the mental health issues faced by apprentices and some ways in which employers and training providers can support them.


Time for Change:
Degree apprenticeships for all?

Nov 15th 2022

Join us in our next Time for Change session which will look at the roles higher and degree apprenticeships play in being a positive driver in both social mobility and in developing the all-important skills needed to strengthen the economy.

Time for Change:
Second chance apprenticeships

January 17th 2023

Join us in our next Time for Change session Join us for a lively discussion based around those from a homeless or prison background and the role of apprenticeships in breaking the cycle.

Watch Previous Sessions

Time for Change:
Supporting young & young adult carers into apprenticeships

June 15th 2022

Join us for a discussion on challenges faced by young and young adult carers when applying for and undertaking an apprenticeship, and the ways that employers and training providers can better support them.

Why language matters:
De-mystifying diversity, inclusion and social mobility

May 2022

Watch this Time for Change session about what makes language so important, how people get it wrong, and how we can start to be more conscious about the words we use when considering D&I and social mobility in apprenticeships.

Using apprenticeships to drive social mobility

February 2022

Watch our special Time for Change session, delivered in National Apprenticeship Week and introduced by the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, Alex Burghart.

Skills Gap: Are apprenticeships the answer?

November 2021

In this workshop, we discuss the skills gap with the Open University, Edge Foundation, and the Institute for Hospitality.

Self selecting out:
Attracting diverse candidates

June 2021

Hear more about the impact of perception and what can be done to address mindset and encourage talent not to self-select out, from Oxford University, the House of Commons, and the Ministry of Defence.

Bridging the gap between
schools and apprenticeships

May 2021

Watch this webinar to hear from schools on how we can bridge the apprenticeship gap.

Tackling diversity throughout positive action in apprenticeship recruitment

October 2021

Explore how employers and HR voices can be brought to the table to discuss positive action and apprenticeships.

Supporting disadvantaged apprentices:
Thinking beyond budget

April 2021

Explore the multiple non-financial ways employers can support apprentices in this Time for Change workshop.

Barriers to access:
The apprentice perspective

March 2021

Join Amazing Apprenticeships and our guest speakers, Haider Ali and Elle Melrose, offering insight from an apprentice perspective.

Youth matters

February 2021

Watch this Youth matters workshop to hear from YEUK and Impetus on how employers can widen their talent pool and recruitment net.

Apprenticeships for all workshop

November 2020

Join Amazing Apprenticeships, The Open University and Disability Rights UK in this session to learn how you can make apprenticeships accessible to all.

Social mobility in apprenticeships workshop

September 2020

In this Time for Change workshop, we explore how apprenticeships can be used to boost social mobility.

Mental health workshop

December 2020

Watch this session with Gen Healthy Minds about boosting good mental health.