Positive Action in Apprenticeship Recruitment Workshop

‘Positive action’ is an umbrella term used to describe taking targeted steps to improve equality in the workplace. For example, taking action to try to improve gender split in your business by proactively employing more women, or seeking to bring a broader range of voices into your leadership team by targeting specific employees for promotion.

It’s a term that can also include any action designed to meet a specific group’s needs, level the playing field for them, or make it easier for them to participate in an activity.

So far, so good – but positive action also attracts more than its fair share of controversy and attention from the media.

In this Time for Change workshop recording, we bring employer and HR voices to the table to discuss positive action and apprenticeships. What works, and what doesn’t? What are some of the alternatives to positive action, and why is the press around positive action often so negative?