What is The Genie Programme

The Genie Programme will empower motivated, engaged professionals to learn about the many challenges faced by disadvantaged and diverse applicants. It will help you to grow both personally and professionally and, with this knowledge, to affect real positive change in how your organisation attracts, supports and develops diverse talent.

Programme Overview

The Genie Programme is a 12-month mixed delivery programme. It will consist of a rich combination of experiences, activities and interventions including:

Discovery Sessions

90-min sessions with keynote speakers on specialist topics, followed by in-group discussion. Topics will be far-reaching, covering the different groups of individuals affected by social disadvantage and will be underpinned by diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias and much more.

Workshops & Seminars

In-depth sessions delivered by progressive experts and thought leaders exploring youth unemployment, improving the quality of work available to
less advantaged groups, inclusive leadership, microaggressions in the workplace, cultural competence, unpacking racism and privilege, LGBT+, gender stereotypes and more.

Immersive Experiences

Visits, focus groups and interviews with specific disadvantaged groups to gain a first-hand understanding of their needs and barriers.

Self-reflection exercises

Short tasks designed to encourage you to reflect on the importance of the topics that you are exploring, and to consider the personal, organisational and societal impact.

Executive Coach Support

Focussed support to develop your Pitch for Change. This will include bi-monthly 1:1 sessions with an executive coach from the Genie team.

Genie Community Networking

Online and in-person networking to enable you to share and showcase your progress, identifying transferable learning, and providing a platform of two-way support between peers on the programme.

Monthly Genie Newsletters

Detailing key course milestones and content, relevant resources, news articles, the latest social mobility research and more.

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The 12-month Genie Programme supports delegates to look at the social and business impact that their employers could achieve by making potentially small changes to the way that they attract and retain talent.

Benefits For You

  • Empower yourself to lead on diversity, inclusion and social mobility
  • Develop the knowledge and confidence to drive organisational change
  • Gain new perspectives and valuable ideas for your organisation
  • Develop the skills to articulate and implement your vision with senior-level buy-in
  • Drive career progression by working with a senior mentor
  • Receive bespoke executive coaching throughout the programme
  • Build a diverse, mutually supportive personal network.
  • Empower leaders/future leaders with experience-based confidence and understanding
  • Improve attraction, recruitment and retention for diverse and disadvantaged talent
  • Equip staff to take on bigger social mobility challenges
  • Create a social mobility specialist and role model to other staff
  • Develop a culture of curiosity and practical solutions to social mobility challenges
  • Identify organisational gaps in knowledge, awareness and data, and build diversity into strategic plans
  • Allow senior sponsors to be involved in a unique programme specialising in social mobility
  • Build reputation and lead by example in your sector.

Inspired, passionate people can make a big difference