The Genie Programme – squaring the playing field for apprenticeships and traineeships

The month of May marks the start of the Genie Programme, 18 months in the making and the result of many years of seeing first-hand the magical and life-changing difference that apprenticeships and traineeships can have on individuals.

For me personally, The Genie Programme marks the start of something that I have been aware has been needed for many years. Like most of us, being aware of something is one thing, doing something can be a much bigger hurdle. As we quote in our brochure “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something and then I realised, I am somebody”.

The origins of the programme have bubbled away in my mind for many years. That feeling of knowing you should help affect change, but how to bring those threads together into something that can make that change a reality? Something tangible but also unique, something that can help individuals to address the issues specific to their organisation and, in turn, the needs of so many.