Apprenticeships and the Skills Gap

“Do I think apprenticeships are the answer for closing the skills gap? 100%. Absolutely I do. All the evidence I’ve seen has shown that.” – Sam Coulstock, Institute of Hospitality

Apprenticeships are often billed as the universal solution to skills gaps in an organisation.

With flexi-job apprenticeships, front-loaded apprenticeships, accelerated apprenticeships and inclusive apprenticeships as well as traineeships, occupational traineeships and Kickstart could we be using apprentice opportunities to shape a more strategic approach to managing the skills gaps in our organisations?

For November’s Time for Change webinar we were joined by Sam Coulstock, along with The Open University’s Laura Burley and Edge Foundation’s Kat Emms, as we took a deep dive into the skills gap, why it matters as we face the future of work, and the vital role that apprenticeships could play in upskilling the nation.

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